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Botox, Dysport, Botulinum toxin A - what's in name........

Botox and Dysport are the oldest and most established brands of a substance known as Botulinum Toxin A. This toxin is produced by a class of bacteria and weakens muscle function. That’s why it can be used to advantage in a variety of conditions that are improved by weakening muscles (e.g., facial wrinkles, migraine headaches, muscle spasticity).


A variety of doctors (plastic surgeons, dermatologists, neurologists, orthopaedic & general surgeons) inject safely formulated Botulinum Toxin A for this purpose. Used expertly, it is perfectly safe.


The cost depends on the brand and how many units are needed. In general, Dysport requires more units than Botox to achieve a treatment result, however Dysport is a bit cheaper and may last a little longer. Prices for Botox are quoted below as a guide. I am experienced with both and can use whichever a patient prefers.


I charge for Botox at $20 per unit (inclusive of GST).
Different faces will require different amounts of Botox to achieve the desired effect. This will depend on whether Botox has been used previously and how strong the facial musculature is. Men generally need more than women.


Guide prices for Botox treatments inclusive of GST

Guide prices for Juvederm treatments inclusive of GST

  • Vertical frown lines (on the forehead above the nose) usually $800 for women and $1,000 for men
  • Horizontal frown lines (across the forehead) usually $600 for women and $800 for men
  • Crows’ feet (wrinkles from screwing up the eyes) usually $700 but as much as $900
  • Bunny lines (from wrinkling the top of the nose) $300
  • Treatments around the mouth/ chin – up to $300 depending on what’s needed
  • Treatments for a stringy neck start from $700
  • Treatment to reduce armpit sweating start from $1400
  • Treatment to reduce sweaty palms $3,000 (including anaesthetic block)
  • Juvederm comes in four formulations (and with or without local anaesthetic – so where possible Dr Greenbaum uses the formulation with anaesthetic):
  • For soft lines and minor corrections (treatments start from $650)
  • For lips, facial lines and brow shaping (treatments start from $900)
  • For adding volume to the deeper tissues around your cheeks and chin (treatments range between $1,000 – 3,000)


  • Sculptra is a product that can be used for adding volume to deeper tissues of cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, temples and chin. Treatments often involve 2 vials.

Guide prices for minor surgery under local anaesthetic (inclusive of GST)

Initial consultation – $325; follow-up consultations $200 (both inclusive of GST)

Skinzure Total Body Skin Check (with photography and dermoscopy as indicated); assessment by Dr Greenbaum $399 (inclusive of GST)

Skin lesions depending on size and complexity of skin closure (simple sutures; needing a local skin flap or a skin graft $1,700 – $5,800 (inclusive of GST)

Subcutaneous lesions (e.g. lipomas or cysts) depending on size $2,100- $3,700 (inclusive of GST)

TCA peels for Xanthelasma – $375 per session (usually removed in 1-3 sessions), plus $325 for the initial consultation (so $700 for the first session, $375 for each subsequent treatment, but the final follow-up is free!) all inclusive of GST

Reconstructive or aesthetic surgery under general anaesthetic

Package prices are composed of the surgeon’s fees, the anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital fee

These fees will vary according to the hospital facility used; the complexity of the surgery and the complexity of the anaesthetic needed.

A full estimate will be given before surgery but the anaesthetist and the hospital reserve the right to charge more if surgery takes longer than expected.