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My name is Adam Greenbaum, and I am delighted to welcome you to my website. I am a specialist plastic surgeon and the founder of Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery.

Whilst nothing replaces the interaction of a face-to-face discussion, I personally write each page of my website so you can be confident of my approach and the services I offer, before you decide to book a consultation.

I operate a very personal practice. Every surgical or non-surgical treatment is planned and administered by me. Partnering with patients is my passion. I treat everyone in the same way I would wish my family or myself to be treated by a surgeon. Not only that, but I have dedicated my career to becoming an expert in reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery, appearance medicine and skin cancer. Indeed, I never stop learning about what is new and what can be improved, to ensure I remain at the forefront of my specialty.

This experience and focus are the foundation of my practice. Sharing my knowledge and addressing all your questions and concerns is key to supporting you in making informed decisions and tailoring your treatment to achieve a realistic result. In addition, most of the people in my team have worked with me for a decade. We like each other, we work well as a team, and most importantly we care about our patients. Between us are decades of specialist plastic surgery experience to draw on, which means you are in very safe hands.

So, whether you want advice on skin cancer, enhancing your appearance, problems with hand function, surgery to reduce, lift or enlarge breasts or a “tummy tuck”, I am here to help.

To find out more or to make an appointment, just pick up the phone and chat with one of my friendly reception staff on 09 238 8881.

Adam R. Greenbaum MB BS, MBA, PhD, FRCS (Eng.), FRCS (Plast.), FEBOPRAS, FACS, FSCI

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