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Practice Philosophy

Practice philosophy

The Consultation

for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery:

Informed Decisions

As a plastic surgeon, my work spans reconstructive appearance- and function-related surgery as well as cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery. The information needed by a patient to make good decisions about surgery certainly varies (to some degree) when considering surgery for a cancer that will then need a reconstruction, when compared with surgery to change or rejuvenate the appearance of parts of their body which are “normal” but they consider they would like improved. Surgical intervention for cancers is often the only way to treat cancer or trauma, so patients and I have less leeway about what we need to discuss; whereas surgery to change one’s appearance (an appearance that could arguably equally well be left alone) requires a great deal more discussion of the pros and cons and the realistic goals and outcomes likely,  as well as the potential for complications and how they would be managed.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly commonplace as the result of media coverage, film and TV drama, celebrity and reality TV and in recent years, social media and “influencers”. When considering it, you may perceive it to be expensive, but what I believe is more important, is that you understand it to be dangerous (and potentially very much more expensive to put right) when performed badly or inappropriately.

Any surgical procedure results in a scar, and a bad result may, therefore, blight that aspect of your appearance permanently, so it is vital that you choose an appropriately qualified surgeon and receive expert and impartial advice, followed by appropriate treatment from someone who will see you through good results and bad ones.

I operate a very personal practice. Every surgical or non-surgical treatment is planned and administered by me – not a nurse or an aesthetician. If you entrust your treatment to me, then you and your well-being, become my personal responsibility.

The initial consultation is the first step for any patient who is contemplating surgery. It is where you should be enabled to start making the right decisions for your care. I see my role in this process as helping you to make fully informed sensible decisions about undergoing treatment – so you will find a great deal of detail on this web site before even scheduling an appointment to see me. Consultations are scheduled to last as long as required (which in part, is why you will be asked which area concerns you, when making an appointment to see me so my staff can book appropriate consultation times). During our consultation, I will take a full medical history and perform a complete examination – addressing all of you, so as not to miss medical conditions, which might not seem immediately relevant to you, but which may be very relevant and dangerous if missed.

I will spend the necessary time in order to ensure that I understand your aims and concerns. I will explain all procedures carefully using diagrams and literature that you can take away with you to re-read later. Likewise, I will dictate any letter to your GP in front of you and send you a copy so that everything is completely transparent and clear and available for review.  I do all this because there will be a lot to take in.  Specifically, I will ensure that you understand fully what is involved with any treatment I advocate, and that you understand fully any potential risk associated with surgery.

At the end of the consultation, my aim is for you to leave with realistic advice about treatment and with clear knowledge of results that can be achieved – good or bad. Often this cannot be completed in the single hour one of aesthetic surgery consultations usually takes. In that case, rather than over-running and keeping another patient waiting, I will arrange for you to see me again (and again, and again if necessary) so that you know all that you need to. Any subsequent appointments are covered by your initial consultation fee – you pay only once and you’re being brought back if need be for your benefit and that won’t cost you any extra money.

Finally, for patients in the public eye, consultations can be arranged with privacy assured.

– for skin cancer:

Often with skin cancer, the issues are not so complex, and consultations can be combined with surgical treatment in one “see and treat” appointment which minimises the time and money you spend. That said, there are often complex decisions to be made about how the wound that is left after a skin cancer is closed – simply with stitching, or with a skin graft or a skin flap – I will allow enough time to ensure that you fully understand and participate in these decisions completely.

Surgical and Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments

In today’s environment of commercialised, cosmetic care, patients should have available to them all treatments that are of proven value – and if they don’t, they should wonder why?

I am a fully qualified and vocationally-registered Plastic Surgeon in New Zealand having also passed the Specialist Intercollegiate Fellowship to become Board Certified in the UK and Europe. I have a recognised aesthetic training and experience with qualifications to prove it and I have been elected into the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as an International Active Member. My philosophy is to approach my patients’ care holistically and to tailor treatments alone and in combination to achieve each patient’s goal.

Many patients do not require surgery but can achieve the cosmetic restoration and aesthetic enhancement they desire by judicious administration of non-surgical treatments. I administer the full range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, facial peels or dermal and soft tissue fillers. I am also qualified to administer laser and intense pulsed light treatments where appropriate.

For those patients who are suitable for cosmetic surgery, I plan and perform such surgery with care and expertise in order to improve your appearance and restore the natural beauty of your youth. I believe surgery should achieve natural, attractive results that avoid an “operated look”, whilst giving you a restored, or aesthetically enhanced physical beauty.

Surgical and Post-operative Care

Your surgery will be performed by me. On occasion I will arrange to have qualified assistance in theatre – especially during larger procedures. These assistants will be qualified doctors, nurses or theatre technicians who are present at my expense in order assist me operate and to minimise your time under anaesthetic.  Sometimes I team up with another specialist plastic surgeon when patients will be best served by having two experts working efficiently together – for example in major reconstructive procedures such as microsurgery or body contouring procedures after massive weight loss.

On the other hand, there will also be times when trainee and qualified doctors – mostly surgeons – have asked to observe me operate. In these circumstances, I will ask you whether you are willing for them to observe (but not assist in) your surgery and make it clear that you are absolutely free, indeed encouraged, to decline their presence during your surgery unless you are totally comfortable with their presence.

All my surgery is performed in modern, state-of-the-art facilities. Each is registered and has been inspected and is compliant with all relevant legislation.

When General Anaesthesia is required, it is administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist, hand-picked by me – not just for technical expertise, but for sympathetic patient care too.

Specialist nursing and physiotherapy staff will care for you post-operatively and optimise your recovery time. You will have post-operative support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing you the peace of mind and the confidence you need to make a rapid recovery so that the “enhanced you” is back leading your life to the full as soon as possible.