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Izzy Beck


Late in 2011, when Adam first started travelling to Pukekohe to see patients from the specialist rooms on West Street, Izzy was looking forward to her retirement for the second time, but agreed to give Adam a trial and “see what he was like” when she was asked to give him nursing support for his patients.  After another decade, during which his practice grew in no small part because of the excellent nursing care she provided to his patients, Matron did actually retire  for a few months in 2020.  However, having volunteered to train to give covid vaccinations to support the local community in 2021, for which she had to get her practicing certificate back, she gave in finally and now comes to help when she can fit us into her busy schedule.

Izzy started nursing at about the same time as Adam was born and nursed in Scotland, Canada and, for as long as many can remember, in Pukekohe.  She has an immense font of knowledge, is practically perfect in every way, has super powers as a “child whisperer” and is one of the few people who can keep Adam vaguely on time.